At Casino Recipes we protect your Intellectual Property Rights, in accordance with the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 1998. If you believe your work has been subject to copyright infringement then please follow the procedure below. If we have made any copyright infringements it will be so unknowingly and unwittingly, we cannot be held responsible for any issues which may arise from any accidental copyright infringement.


Copyright Infringement Procedure

Your complaint will only be valid if you send the following:

  • A signature (physical or electronic) of the person who owns the intellectual property
  • Identification of the material you believe is in breach of copyright – including where it is on the website
  • Proof that the material is yours
  • A statement which certifies this material belongs to that intellectual property owner and no rights have been given for this IP to be used anywhere else. This is a legally binding statement.
  • Contact details of the complainant

Once we have received the above information we will remove or restrict access to the material you believe to be in breach of copyright infringement. We will contact you once this has been undertaken.

You can use the contact form here to report any alleged copyright infringement.